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    Picket Post Driver-102 Air Powered

    Toolex, Air, Picket, Post, Driver

    Model: 130059

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    Picket Post Driver-102 Air Powered

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    • The Air Powered Picket Post Driver (130059) is designed to drive star type steel picket posts, 50mm square timber posts or pipe into hard ground, such as bitumen, shale & black surfaces as well as ironstone and sandstone. Weighing only 18kgs and requiring a minimum of 20 CFM of air (depending on the application) through ½” hose, this will build long strained fencing in record time. Suggested Accessories;
    • 1 x Chisel 1150mm Long (No Adaptor Required) (524358)
    • 1 x Pick 1150mm Long (No Adaptor Required) (524359)
    • 1 x 2” Pipe Drive Kit Consisting of Guide Plug & Dolly (524355)
    • 1 x 3” Pipe Drive Kit Consisting of Guide Plug & Dolly (524356)
    • 1 x 4” Pipe Drive Kit Consisting of Guide Plug & Dolly (524357)
    • 1 x Ear Muffs (533401)
    • 1 x Dust Goggles (533409)


    • Weight = 18kg
    • Minimum CFM Air Required for home and small rural property = 20
    • Minimum CFM Air Required for large rural property = 25
    • Minimum CFM Air Required for contractors = 35 to 50

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