Combustion Gas Leakage Test Kit
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    Combustion Gas Leakage Test Kit


    • Diagnose cylinder head and gasket leaks by detecting the presence of combustion gases in the cooling system
    • Suitable for testing the cooling system in watercooled engines (petrol, diesel & LPG)
    • Indicates combustion leaks quickly and effectively
    • Blue liquid will turn yellow within 60 seconds with the presence of a combustion gas, subsequently meaning there is a combustion leak present, no matter the size of the leak
    • 250ml detector fluid. Replacement fluid Part No: 304000A
    • Supplied with tapered rubber cone for universal applications, but also compatible with the Toledo cooling system pressure tester kit and its vehicle specific adaptors
    • User guide included


    • Drain a small amount of fluid from the radiator. Reservoir bottle can be used for storage. This step is used to aid in the following steps
    • Open cap of chamber 2 and fill it half way with the supplied blue test fluid
    • Install & connect rubber bulb to chamber 2. Connect the adaptor (universal tapered adaptor/vehicle specific adaptor) to the quick connect fitting. Install assembled unit into the radiator neck
    • With the assembled unit located in position, start the engine. The resultant steam will travel up into chamber 1. While the engine is running, pump the rubber bulb several times to create a vacuum to suck the steam into chamber 2. Pump several times & review the colour of the fluid in chamber 3. If it remains blue, it means there is no evidence of CO2 exhaust emissions & no leak exists. If the fluid turns from blue to green or yellow there is proof there is CO2 present in the cooling system & a leak exists.


    • 304000A │ Replacement Detector Fluid
    • Compatible with Toledo cooling system testers 308550 & 308551

    Item Contents:

    • Tester Fluid 250ml
    • Empty Reservoir Bottle 250ml
    • Rubber Bulb
    • Acrylic Test Chamber
    • Tapered Universal Rubber Adaptor


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