Manual Vacuum Dent Puller

    Manual Vacuum Dent Puller
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    Manual Vacuum Dent Puller


    • Heavy duty and durable suction dent puller with slide hammer to assist in panel reshaping
    • Maintains a solid and secure grip without damaging the painted surface of the panel, while the 2.5kg slide hammer eases out the dent
    • Manual vacuum pump allows for complete portability
    • Ideal specialist tool for workshops and DIY use
    • Supplied with 3 suction pads and 1 hook
    • User guide included


    Suction Cup Process step:

    • Before commencing any work, please ensure that the panel is clean, dry and free of any grease or other particles.
    • Choose a suction cup that is suited to the size of dent you wish to remove and screw it onto the end of the slide hammer.
    • Check that the pressure relief valve is closed by turning the valve screw clockwise. Only tighten the valve finger tight as over tightening may cause damage.
    • Place the suction cup over the dent on the panel and start to press it in gently.
    • Start to pump the vacuum plunger using the palm of your hand at the end of the slide hammer assembly. The suction cup will now have created a strong vacuum against the panel.
    • Using one hand on the slide hammer handle, grip your other hand onto the sliding hammer on the shaft. Remember to keep your fingers inside the handle as they may be caught up against the anvil.
    • Using the force of the sliding hammer hitting against the anvil you can now pull the dent out. The appropriate amount of force needed will vary from the size of the dent, keeping in mind to always follow safe working practices.
    • Once you have finished removing the dent, the vacuum can be released by turning the pressure relief valve anti-clockwise.
    • The air pressure will start to balance out and the slide hammer assembly can be removed.


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