Bluetooth Speaker 12v Skin No Battery or Charger M12

Portable Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth Connectivity for wireless audio streaming and control from up to 9 metres away.
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Model: M12JSSP-0
Availability: Yes

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Portable: Jobsite: Speaker: with: Bluetooth: Connectivity: for: wireless: audio: streaming: and: control: from: up: to: 9: metres: away: Easy: user: interface: Premium: speaker: with: bass: port: delivers: loud,: clear: sound: at: all: volumes: Drop,: water: and: debris: resistant: for: tough: jobsite: conditions: Rugged: overmold: with: metal: speaker: grill: Includes: 2.1Amp: USB: port: to: charge: most: mobile: phones,: tablets,: media: players: and: other: small: electronic: devices: Provides: up: to: 9.5hours: runtime: per: charge: on: 1.5Ah: battery: or: up: to: 25: hours: runtime: per: charge: on: a: 4.0Ah: battery*.: 3.5mm: Aux-in-port: for: wired: playback: (cable: not: included).: Integrated: loop: for: easy: hanging: and: transport.: Battery: fuel: gauge.: 1: year: warranty.


  • Voltage: (DC): 12V
  • Bluetooth: YES
  • USB: 2.1Amp
  • Aux: 3.5mm
  • Runtime: (per: charge): up: to: 9.5hrs: on: 1.5Ah: up: to: 12.5hrs: on: 2.0Ah: up: to: 19hrs: on: 3.0Ah: up: to: 25hrs: on: 4.0Ah
  • Dimensions: 102mm: x: 152mm
  • Weight: 0.726kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

Standard Equipment:

  • SKIN ONLY TOOL (Battery and charger sold separately)


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