Plasma Cutter 40amp 15mm Max Mild Steel Cut Torch Cable Clamp Hose Reg

    Plasma Cutter 40Amp 15mm Max Mild Steel Cut Torch Cable Clamp Hose Reg 12 Months Warranty
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    Model: RXT40EP
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    • Using a standard 10 amp power point, or domestic power source and featuring both gas and gasless operation, the Ross 150amp Gas/Gasless MIG Welder RXT150P is a great value multipurpose light trade user and home renovator MIG welder. Features include;
    • 150 Amp Gas / Gasless Mig Welder
    • 150 amp welding power which welds up to 6mm mild steel
    • Turbo fan cooled meaning a longer period of welding
    • Domestic power supply i.e. uses standard 10amp power point
    • Heavy duty torch with larger (M6 thread) contact tips and shroud
    • Trigger activated torch which only live when welding, for precision & safety
    • Dual purpose mig welding, gas & gasless operation
    • Thermal overload protection which automatically cuts out to prevent overheating
    • Ready to weld (gasless mode only) Accessories included: Accessories Included;
    • Welding mask
    • Wire
    • Chipping hammer/wire brush
    • Torch
    • Earth clamp with cable & regulator for disposable gas bottle


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