Metal Lathe 915mm X 300mm Light &Guard

    Metal Lathe Geared Head 36"
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    • Metal Lathe Geared Head 36" Features Include:
    • Fully enclosed oil bath, gear box and saddle allowing quick changes of feed speed ratios with 18 spindle speeds from 65 to 1810rpm
    • D1-4 Cam lock type chuck fitting, ISO standard
    • 150mm (6") Centre height
    • up to 430mm swing over bed
    • Worklight included standard with inbuilt transformer 240/24Volt
    • Change gears supplied for metric or imperial thread cutting -
    • Standard accessories also include fixed and travel steady, metal splash guard and tray
    • Hardened and precision ground 'V' bed with 230mm removable gap
    • Dual calibration on tailstock spindle, cross-slide and toolpost travel, imperial only on saddle


    • Specifications:
    • Swing over bed: 300mm
    • Swing over gap: 430mm Max.
    • Distance between centre: 915mm Max.
    • Hole through spindle: 38mm
    • Tailstock spindle travel: 100mm
    • Tool slide travel: 76mm
    • Taper of spindle bore M.T: No5
    • Spindle nose: D1 to 4
    • Motor: 240V 50Hz 2Hp
    • Lead screw: 8 threads per inch
    • Dimensions: 560mmHx520mmDx1540mmL
    • Swing over cross slide: 178mm Max.
    • Width of gap: 203mm
    • Width of bed: 180mm
    • Cross slide travel: 130mm
    • Saddle travel: 760mm
    • Taper of tailstock M.T: No3
    • Range of spindle speeds: 65-1810rpm
    • Net weight: 400kg (gross 480kg)
    • Threads can be cut: 32inch sizes 4 to 60TPI 32metric sizes 0.4 to 7mm Included Standard Accessories:
    • Motor single phase 240V 2HP
    • 6" Back plate for three jaw chuck
    • 8" Back plate for four jaw chuck
    • Centre sleeve (M.T No5/No3)
    • Centre (M.T No3)x2
    • Tool box
    • Steady rest
    • Gear change set
    • Tool kit
    • Instruction book
    • 6" 3 Jaw scroll chuck and reverse jaws
    • 8" 4 Jaw independent chuck
    • Drive plate
    • Camlock and chuck keys
    • Tool post wrench
    • Oil can
    • Follow steady
    • Chip tray with splash guard
    • Thread cutting/gear selection chart


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