Weldermatic 396

    Suits gas shielded and flux cored wires.
    SKU: CP134-1-WIA
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    Model: CP134-1
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    Complete Industrial MIG Welding Package

    This 396 Amp three phase MIG welder is ideal for medium to heavy fabrication, and all general industrial fabrication applications.

    Flexibility & Power

    Optimal weld characteristics provide high quality results on steel, stainless steel and aluminium, plus the power to comfortably run all popular sizes of solid and flux cored wires. With the capacity to run 1.6mm flux cored wire, the 396 can handle a wide range of applications.

    Built-In Operator Safety

    The power source features a built-in thermal protection device that will cut in if the machine is operated beyond its safe thermal operating zone.

    Ultra-Fast Wire Braking

    Featured on the 4RD wirefeeder - leaves the wire tip extra clean at the end of the weld.'


    • Normal’ and ‘creep’ start speed modes.
    • Cold wire inch/gas purge controls.
    • Pre/post gas timer controls.

    Digital Meters

    Digital Volt and Amp meters retain last weld information and allow precise set-up.

    Fine Arc Control

    30 Voltage steps for fine arc control over the whole operating range, from short arc to full spray transfer.

    Dual Front Handles

    Exclusive split handles with rubber grips, designed to move the machine easily and allow composite work lead and MIG gun to be stored independently.

    Gas or Gasless

    Suits gas shielded and flux cored wires.

    Spool Capacity

    5kg & 15kg.


    Heavy Duty 4 Roll Drive System

    Now with larger, stronger gears and ball bearings to further enhance the reliability and performance of Weldmatic machines.

    Quick and Easy Gun Cable Connection

    All Weldmatic machines are supplied with an industrial quality gun and cable, complete with euro connector for easy fitting and removal.

    Fan-on-Demand Cooling

    By only operating when needed, the fun uses less power and generates less noise. The result is a reduction in dust build-up inside the machine, meaning less maintenance time and longer component time.

    Packed 4RD Wirefeeder

    W64 wirefeeder enables custom set-up to suit the job - including arc start, low wire speed, burnback, spot time, trigger latch, inch, purge and pre and post gas.

    Easy Screw Spool Hub

    A new addition to the Weldmatic range is the easy screw spool hub, allowing for quick installation of 5 and 15kg spools.

    Superior Inductance Technology

    Weldmatic machines have been engineered to deliver smooth arc performance right across the welding range.

    Heavy Duty Transformer

    Engineered for reliability, the heavy duty transformer delivers a smooth, consistent weld performance.

    Tool Tray

    Fold down tool tray provides storage for gun contact tips and nozzles.

    Dual Front Handles

    Dual handles make it easy to move your Weldmatic around the workshop, plus provide handy storage for interconnecting work leads.

    Package Includes:

    • W64 4 Roll Drive Wirefeeder
    • 3.6m Euro Gun Cable
    • Bernard™ Centerfire™ Tip 0.9mm
    • 10m Work Lead
    • 10m Interconnecting Leads
    • Gas Regulator/Flowmeter
    • Drive Rollers: 0.9/1.2mm "V", 0.9/1.2 knurled (gasless, flux cored, metal cored)


    • Primary Voltage: 380/415 Vac-50 Hz 3 Phase
    • Rated Primary Current: 15 Amps
    • Max. Primary Current: 27 Amps
    • Recommended Generator kVa: 20 kVA
    • Rated Output @ 40C (10min): 395 A, 34 V, 30%, Duty Cycle, 250 A, 26 V, 100%, Duty Cycle
    • Welding Current Range: 19 - 395 Amps
    • Wire Size Range (mm): 0.8 - 1.6 solid, 0.8 - 1.6 cored


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