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Power tool is a word synonymous with Gasweld Discount Tools. Gasweld has been selling power tools to the industrial, trade and DIY users for over thirty years.

Gasweld keeps in stock a range of power tool brands that include Makita Power Tools, Hitachi Power Tools, Milwaukee Power Tools, Dewalt Power Tools, Metabo Power Tools and Black and Decker.

On this site you can buy power tools by brand or buy power tools by category by following these links.

The range includes power drills, angle drills, hammer drills, circular saws, 100mm Angle grinders, 115mm Angle grinders, 125mm Angle grinders, 235mm Angle grinders, sanders, jigsaws, reciprocating saws, drop saws, multi saws, compound saws, planers, impact wrenches, fibreshear, electric screwdriver, heat guns, nibblers and shears.

If you can’t find the power tool you are looking for on this site please call you nearest Gasweld Store for assistance