Whether you are looking for a gas bottle for welding, cutting or even brewing alcohol, renting from a gas supplier can quickly become a costly expense.

Many gas suppliers charge ongoing monthly or yearly rental fees for the use of gas bottles for both commercial and recreational use.

And while this might be an attractive option for some, the reality is that those ongoing costs often become a burden and the consumer can face significant financial strain in the long-term.

The other issue with renting gas bottles is intermittent use. While some consumers utilise gas bottles on a consistent basis, there are many who are infrequent or inconsistent users which means they are ultimately incurring ongoing costs despite not using the unit.

Fortunately, there are some suppliers such as Gasweld which now sell gas bottles outright. And while the upfront cost may be higher than when renting, buying a gas bottle allows the consumer to take control of their gas costs.

And in the long-run, buying your own bottle is the far more economical choice.

Gasweld, together with SpeedGas, now offers a huge range of gas bottles including Argon, Mixed Gas (Argon, CO2 & Oxygen), Nitrogen, Acetylene, CO2 and Oxygen. Each type of gas comes in a variety of sizes from C to G (Acetylene only available in D and E).

And the best part about owning a SpeedGas bottle bought at Gasweld is the ability to swap your bottles – quickly. Simply bring your empty SpeedGas bottle into a Gasweld store and we’ll replace it with a full one in return!

Gas Bottles


Acetylene (D & E Size Only)

  • Acetylene is a flammable, colourless gas which is the hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases.
  • Typical applications include welding, Oxy-acetylene cutting, flame heating, flame gouging, spot-heating, brazing & carbon cutting.
  • Safe to use underground - lighter than air, low ignition energy and low moisture in the flame.

Argon (C, D, E, G Available)

  • The most widely used Inert Gas in Welding
  • Used for TIG Welding, MIG Welding – Stainless Steel & Aluminium
  • Nickel, copper, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium alloyed base materials use 100% Argon shielding

Mixed Gas (Argon, Oxygen, CO2 – C, D, E, G Available)

  • MIG Welding of Mild Steel
  • Higher Inert Gas Component reduces spatter

Nitrogen (C, D, E, G Available)

  • Used as a shielding or assist gas for plasma cutting aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Applicable as an assist gas for laser cutting.
  • Multi-purpose gas which can be used for tyre inflation, purging air conditioning systems and as an inert gas for food preservation.

 CO2 (C & D Available)

  • Used for carbonate drinks, home brewing and as a cheaper alternative gas for welders over 250Amps.
  • Used by plumbers to freeze water pipes.

Oxygen (C, D, E, G Available)

  • Used with LPG, Acetylene or Mappgas for cutting or welding.
  • Highly effective when combined with Argon for welding steel & stainless.

Gas Bottles