Questions that need to be raised are?

  • How will you use the Generator?
  • Will it be used on a building site or only for camping, does it need to be quite or portable?
  • Would a diesel machine better suit your needs?
  • Do you need to have an internal RCD device fitted?

How much equipment do you expect the generator to power? Are you only going to run a small fridge and a couple of camp lights, or maybe an angle grinder & a drop saw. The easiest method of working out your power requirements is to add the wattage of all appliances you intend to run off your generator. Where this can get tricky is with larger electric motors such as those fitted to air compressor’s or drop saw’s. These particular motors generally require a minimum starting current of at least three times their average power consumption. Eg a 2.2 hp compressor would need a minimum of a 6.8 kva genset to kick the compressor over. Also a good rule of thumb with welders is a minimum of 6.8 kva should cover most welders.

How often would I plan to use my generator? If you expect to use your generator 8 hours a day or longer every day it may well be worth while considering the benefits of a diesel generator. Quality diesel generators are substantially more fuel efficient, a customer who buys a good quality diesel generator would also expect many years of trouble free operation and although general servicing is still very important the years of service from these units is well worth the extra expense. Owners diesel genset’s can also expect an extremely quite operation from these units.

A Toolex portable generator would better suit your needs for back up house power or for portable remote power generation like on farms. Most residential building sites would also find this solution to best suit their needs.

With most of the inverter generators available in the market they are mostly aimed at camping, therefore you could reasonably assume that running it 12 hours a day for 7 days a week would adversely affect the longevity of these generators. The inverters operate extremely quietly they are also super light & very fuel efficient so their place in the market is well deserved.

For many customers purchasing a new generator can be somewhat daunting. However if you drop in or give a specialist generator retailer like your local Gasweld store a call we have in every store an array of people willing to assist in your every query.