When buying an air compressor the first thing needs to be established is the application for which the air compressors is intended to be used for.

Questions that need to be raised are?

What do I expect the air compressor to do for me? Thing like do I want run a nail gun or do I want uses an air sander or abrasive blasting gun. A nail gun requires only small burst of air each time it’s fired where an air operated sander uses a continual flow of air to keep the air motor rotating there for you would need a much bigger capacity air compressor to run the air sander over the air operated nail gun.

How often do I plan to use my compressor? If you expect your air compressors to work 8 hours a day and remain reliable as apposed a standby air compressor to inflate a flat tyre these two applications are completely different.

Do I need a portable compressor or stationary? Some applications for compressors require complete portability which can sometime sacrifice performance. It is worth considering before you buy a compressor is portability an issue.

What sort of power supply do I have? There are 4 primary categories that air compressors can be placed in by the power types. 10amp single phase units generally can be run from and standard domestic power point without incident, but this does limit performance. The second category is 15amp single phase which is not so easily available but does give some performance improves with the bigger motor and pump combinations available. If you are not sure what power supply you have consult with an electrician. 3rd type id 3phase powered air compressors which require a 3 phase air power supply normally these are reserved for industrial applications. The 4th type are engine driven, engines can come in two forms petrol or diesel these are a great alternative for application where portability is an issue or lack of sufficient electrical power is available.

As you can now appreciate buying an air compressors is not a simple as buying a screw driver or a box nails. To make sure you buy the right compressor for the right application you should visit a specialist air compressor retailer like Gasweld to get the advice and quality air compressor you require as opposed to local hardware store where price is the only consideration.