Car axel stands are one of the most important safety devices you can have whilst working on a vehicle which has been lifted off the ground with a jack. Under no circumstance should a vehicle be left supported by a jack as jacks fail and creep. Once a vehicle has been lifted to the appropriate height a set of car axel stands should be adjusted then placed under an appropriated load bearing point of the underside of the vehicle and the vehicle lowered allowing the vehicle support stands to take the load. once vehicle is safely supported on the car axels stands it is safe to work under. Using car axel stands servers two purposes, the first and most important one is personal safety creating a safe environment to work under the vehicle and secondly which most people don't  really appreciate is jacks are only designed to lift and lower vehicle not support them by leaving the jack loaded for prolonged periods of time places undue stress and wear on the jack dramatically shorting the expected working life of the jack.

Gasweld offers a range of car axel stands which are manufactured and comply with the current Australian standards which not only makes them safe to use but they can be used anywhere and on any site. click here to see our range of car axel stands.