Gasweld tools your home of welding and welding gases now allows you take control of you welding gas cost, delivering a cost effective alternative to paying a monthly or annual rental fee for welding gases.

In conjunction with Speed Gas an Australian owned and operated business Gasweld now offers a full range of welding gases in bottle that can be purchased outright. The range includes all sizes of gas cylinders from C cylinders to G and a range of gases Argon, CO2, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Mixed welding shield gases.

How does it work : Its simple you initially purchase a gas bottle filled with the desired shield welding gas or oxygen. Take it back to your workshop, construction site or garage and use the gas as required for the welding or gas cutting application.

Once you have depleted the welding gas from the bottle simply take your empty cylinder back to your nearest Gasweld store and pay for a refill and Gasweld will exchange your empty welding gas cylinder for a full gas and bottle combination.

What are the benefits: Once you have purchased your gas cylinder outright you own the bottle and its contents, this way if you don't use the bottle for a month it's has not cost you cent in rental. Gasweld being one of the largest Speed Gas dealers in Australia we always have a replacement bottle ready to swap so there is no fear of being caught out not being able to swap your bottle. As a back up to stock always being available Speed Gas a local producer in Sydney has only a lead time in delivering full gas bottle exchanges to Gasweld stores. Gasweld also offers the option to upgrade the size of you cylinder should you find that the bottle size you originally purchased is not big enough.

All Speed Gas products are sold and exchanged fully compliant with all relevant Australian safety regulations.

Please note that Gasweld only supports and deals in Speed Gas products. Gasweld does not exchange bottles from other programs outside of the Speed Gas program.

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