Once you have an air compressor, you can add on a huge range of air tools to do all sorts of jobs around the house. The good news is that you can get air tools at relatively cheap prices, and an online hardware shop is a convenient way to view and order a range of air tools.

A quick web search on “air tools online” brings up a lot of sellers, but how do you find reliable sellers and make sure you get what you pay for?

There are many different sellers online, ranging from individuals on auction sites to websites of the large bricks-and-mortar hardware stores. Stores with a network of physical stores alongside a great online presence, like Gasweld, is ideal.

Particularly with tools, including air tools, it’s a good idea to buy from an authorised reseller, which will make sure product warranties are recognised by the manufacturers. Tools sold in Australia have to meet Australian standards, so while international sellers can seem like a good deal, you should make sure that what you’re getting is up to scratch (this is the reason why you should only buy branded tool products such as Toolex or Shinnano). 

There are a few things you can do to make sure you’ll get what you pay for. The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading says that around half of the consumers in a 2012 survey thought—wrongly—that Australian Consumer Law applied when buying from private sellers. They also found that slightly less than half of the small to medium businesses they surveyed didn’t use a secure website for payments or personal information.

With that in mind, some tips to remember with buying air tools online are:

Make sure you read details in the product description, so you understand what you’re buying. That way, you won’t get any surprises when your order arrives.

If the website you’re buying from doesn’t have all the information you want to know, ask. You can also have a look at the manufacturer’s website for full specifications for air tools.

Check the shipping cost carefully. Sometimes delivery is included, for example, Gasweld offers free delivery for online purchases (conditions apply). Other providers might offer a discount for a certain amount, or the shipping cost could increase the more you buy. Always ensure you review the shipping charges before buying.

When paying, check that the website has secure payments, such as credit card, Bpay or PayPal. Be more careful with money transfers and direct debit, and never email your bank or credit card information.

View the main Gasweld homepage to see their complete range of air tools online: http://www.gasweld.com.au/air