Speed Gas

Speed gas is now a recognised alternative to the almost vintage arrangement of renting gas bottles on a contract that will never end as long as you have the requirement for commercially viable shield gas for welding. Whether you operate a small repair work shop with the requirement for just one bottle of mixed shield gas or a large aluminium fabrication workshop using pure argon as a shield gas speed gas is a more than affordable shield gas solution that can be bought and not hired.

Gasweld was originally founded on providing gas solutions and now offering the speed gas solution is even more proud they have successfully broken away from the status quos of cost associated with accessing gas  for commercial and DIY welding applications.

From all of Gasweld’s NSW operations Gasweld is now offering the speed gas bottles which can be purchased outright as complete speed gas fill and bottle combinations which can be exchanged for the cost of a speed gas fill when empty, just like we have now be accustomed to with our bbq bottles. The big benefit of this system is once you own a bottle you no longer have the annoying and unavoidable invoices being issued every month for the bottle you have hired which you may not even used during that month.

Now available at our Dandenong Branch