Makita Bonus Product Offers - Via Redemption


For a limited time only, Makita are giving customers the chance to claim bonus items - via redemption - when they purchase selected Makita items at Gasweld Tools.  

Selected 2PC, 3PC, 4PC, 5PC, 6PC, 8PC & 10PC Makita Kits are included in the promotion, along with selected 12V Max 2PC Combos & 18V x 2 Chainsaw Kits. 

See below for a full list of Makita Products which currently include Bonus Products via Redemption.   

For Terms and Conditions, and to claim redemption offers, visit

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Makita Redemptions

Redemption Offer 1

  • FREE Blower and 5.0Ah Battery with selected 2PC-4PC Brushless Combos

Makita Redemption

Applicable Models:  DLX2176T-MAK, DLX2185T-MAK, DLX2214GJ-MAK, DLX2214TJ-MAK, DLX3061T-MAK, DLX3072T-MAK, DLX3073T-MAK, DLX4092T-MAK, DLX4012T-MAK  

Redemption Offer 2

  • 2 x FREE 5.0Ah Batteries with selected 5PC and above Brushless Combos

Makita Redemption Offer

Applicable Models:  DLX5027T-MAK, DLX5028T-MAK, DLX6071PT-MAK, DLX8016PT-MAK

Redemption Offer 3

  • FREE 12V Max USB Adaptor with selected 12V Max 2PC & 3PC Combos

Makita Redemption Offer Q319

Applicable Models: CLX201-MAK, CLX201SA-MAK, CLX202SA-MAK, CLX202SAJ-MAK

Redemption Offer 4

  • FREE Turbo Blower with selected 18V x 2 Chainsaw Kits

Redemption Offer Makita

Applicable Models: DUC400PT2-MAK,  DUC353PT2-MAK

*Redemption period 1/07/19 to 31/8/19. 

Redemption Offer 5

  • FREE 18V USB Adaptor with 18V Chainsaw Kit 

Makita USB Charger

Applicable ModelDUC254RT-MAK

For Terms and Conditions, and to claim redemption offers, visit

Redemption offers are valid from 01/07/2019 until 30/09/2019 unless otherwise stated.