Ladders Extension Folding and Platform

Don’t shop anywhere else until you have checked our Gasweld’s huge range of Ladders, Trestles & Scaffolding, designed to make your job easier. From the home handyman to large industrial applications, our range of Ladders, Trestles and Scaffolding are light, flexible, functional, stable, safe and most of all, strong enough to get the job done fast!

Gasweld has been supplying Ladders, Trestles and Scaffolding to the market for many years and, as a result, are recognised as a leading supplier of Ladders, Trestles and Scaffolding. We are recognised for the depth and quality of our range, brands, knowledge, advice and, most of all, our competitive prices. We have in our range a ladder or trestle or scaffolding for every use from reaching cupboards, hedges, trees & gutters; to painting; and electrical and roof & building access.

Gasweld’s range of Ladders, Trestles and Scaffolding includes: step stools; single and double sided step ladders; platform step ladders; dual & multi-purpose ladders; combination ladders; single & extension ladders; trestles; and a large range of scaffolding. We have an extensive range of both Aluminium & Fibreglass Ladders and with load ratings of 120kg for Light Duty, Domestic & some D.I.Y. applications and 150kg for Trade and Industrial applications.

And all our ladders meet Australian Standards.

We also stock all the leading brands like Bailey, Toolex and more.

To complement your ladders, trestles and scaffolds, we also stock a range of accessories including aluminium planks with rubber strips.

Choosing the right Ladder, Trestle or Scaffold for the job can be challenging. To assist you and for peace of mind and reassurance that you are purchasing the right Ladder, Trestle or Scaffold for the job, drop into one of our 20 Store locations to talk to our experts. If you are interested, also, see our article below titled ‘Which ladder should I buy?’

Before you shop anywhere else, make sure you check out Gasweld’s extensive range of quality branded Ladders, Trestles and Scaffold and Accessories.