Stick Welding Kit 130 Amp With Gloves Jacket Helmet Electrodes

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Kit Contains: 

  • Powercraft 131 Inverter Welder 130AMP
  • Suitcase with welding leads
  • Lincoln Powercraft Electronic Welding Helmet
  • Lincoln Full Grain Leather Jacket
  • Lincoln EasyArc 3.2mm 5KG Electrode
  • Lincoln Premium Leather Welding Gloves
  • Shield
  • hammer & brush
  • VRD 240V 10A plug (small dinse)

Powercraft 131 Inverter Welder


The POWERCRAFT® 131 inverter is intended to be used for light to medium duty welding applications. It is an ideal choice for maintenance, small repairs & general fabrication.

It is very compact, lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap for ease of transportation. Accessories are included, so the machine is ready to weld out of the box.

  • 130 AMP Stick & Lift TIG Welder
  • Small and lightweight (4.7kg) yet powerful
  • Built-in VRD, increases operator safety in environments with increased hazard of electric shock
  • Generator Compatible, ideal for site work
  • Built in 'Hot Start' - For excellent arc stricking
  • Auto Arc Force -  For a stable arc with low spatter levels as standard
  • Anti-Sticking - Enhancing Welding characteristics

Product Specifications:

  • Input (V): 240/1/50-60
  • Fuse size (A): 10
  • Output range (A): 20 - 130
  • Rated output: 130A @ 15% - 65A @ 60%
  • Processes: Stick, Lift TIG DC
  • Insulation/Protection class: IP21
  • Weight (kg): 4.7
  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 190 x 110 x 330
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Instruction manual: IM7904-1A

Lincoln Powercraft Electronic Welding Helmet


  • Continuous variable control for shade and sensitivity
  • External shade control 9-13
  • AS/NZS1338.1, ANSI Z87.1CE
  • Light weight 440g


  • Replacement Lens Standard Or Dins: DINs
  • Standard Or Limited Edition: Standard
  • Black Or Graphic: Black
  • Shade Control: Internal
  • Powered: Battery powered with solar assist
  • Weight: 440g

Lincoln Full Grain Leather Jacket


  • Durable split cow-hide sleeves combined with Flame Retardant cotton body for MIG & TIG welding
  • Unique spatter guard lining behind the snaps add extra protection
  • Two large outside Velcro flapped pockets for protected storage
  • Flip-up Velcro Collar offers extra protection
  • Black jacket with red shadow accents offers style while welding

Lincoln EasyArc 3.2mm 5KG Electrode


  • All positional, rutile electrode for general purpose
  • All position electrode for the welding of mild steel
  • Excellent choice for sheet metal lap and fillet welds
  • Easy slag removal
  • Superb fast follow characteristics and operation on poor fit-up joints)
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements

Typical Applications:

  • General Purpose Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Workshop Fabrication

Lincoln Premium Leather Welding Gloves


  • Durable side split cowhide deliver superior comfort and performance
  • Lined interior and padded palm maximize comfort
  • Kevlar thread provides heat resistance and added seam strength


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