2pc Cordless Tool Kit 18V Li- Ion Brushed Motor 2 x 3.0Ah Batteries 1 x Battery Charger

18V Mobile 2 Piece Combo Kit
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Model: DLX2131X
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DHP482Z: Cordless Hammer Driver Dill

Product Features:

  • Compact overall design at just 1.7kg with 198mm overall length

  • Mechanical 2 speed gearing

  • High speed motor that delivers 54Nm Max lock torque

  • XPT technology that protects against dust & moisture

  • Twin LED Job light with after-glow function

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 198 x 79 x 238mm

  • Impacts Per Minute - Hi: 0-28,500ipm

  • Impacts Per Minute - Lo: 0-9,000ipm

  • Max Fastening Torque - Hard: 62N.m

  • Max Fastening Torque - Lo: 36N.m

  • Net Weight: 1.8kg with BL1850

  • No Load Speed - Hi: 0-1,900rpm

  • No Load Speed - Lo: 0-600rpm

DTD152Z: Cordless Impact Driver 18V

Product Features:

  • Aluminium hammer casing

  • New compact design increases comfort during operation

  • 165Nm max fastening torque

  • One-touch bit installation

  • Twin LED Job light illuminates a wide working area

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 137 x 79 x 238mm

  • Impact Rate: 0-3,500ipm

  • Max Fastening Torque: 165N.m

  • Net Weight: 1.5kg with BL1850

  • No Load Speed: 0-2,900rpm

BL1830: Makita BL1830B-L 18V 3.0Ah

Product Features:

  • Fuel gauge indicator, displays charge remaining on battery in four stages

  •  Built in memory chip communicates the usage history with the charger

  •  Built in shock absorbers protect the cells from jobsite conditions

  •  High energy cells pack more power per cell to reduce number of cells and overall weight

  •  Large release button for easy removal from the tool

  •  Built in air vents and wall cools the battery cells evenly whilst blocking damaging debris

  •  16 contact terminals provide consistent power and firm hold in any environment

Product Specifications:

  • Cell Capacity3.0Ah

  • Charge Time22mins w/DC18RC

  • Net Weight640g

  • Voltage18V

DC18RC: Active 3 Li-Ion Charger

Product Features:

  • Fast charging - charges Li-Ion 3.0Ah battery in only 22 minutes

  • Built-in CPU - gathers information from the battery's memory chip to determine optimum charging method

  • Forced air cooling fan - cools the battery to minimise charging time

  • Digital power display identifies the condition of the battery and charging condition

Product Specifications:

  • Cell Capacity: 1.5-6.0Ah

  • Charge Time: 15mins(1.5Ah) 22mins(3.0Ah) 36mins(4.0Ah) 45mins(5.0Ah) 55mins (6.0Ah)

  • Net Weight: 820g

  • Overall Length: 185mm

  • Voltage: 18V


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