Electricians Pouch

Makita P-71738 Electrician's Pouch

Electrician's Pouch

  • The pouch sits comfortably on any Makita tool belt or normal clothing belt
  • Ready to carry a full range of specialised electrical tools. Electrician's Pouch specifically researched and designed to meet the electrician's needs
  • Universal tool loop holds your bigger tools snug so it is always handy when needed
  • Chain hook provides easy access to insultaion tapes
  • Knife slot made from real leather holds any common utility knives so it is always handy
  • Screwdriver holders made of real leather provide convenient storage. Necessary equipment is close by without coming off the roof or down from the ladder
  • Additional pocket for smaller tools gives easy tool access
  • Main deep pocket for safe storage of long tools like a voltmeter, fixings, measuring instruments etc.


Height: 315mm
Length: 250mm
Volume: 1.65L
Weight: 0.50kg
Width: 140mm
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