Makita P-71772 3 Pouch Belt Set

Makita P-71772 3 Pouch Belt Set

3 Pouch Belt Set

  • Strong construction with riveted reinforcement-for truly industrial strength with galvanised washers top and bottom
  • A professional solution for carpenters and builders. Features 5 leather- lined handy pockets to cover most trade applications
  • Side-Gate stainless steel hammer holder swings to keep your hammer at a comfortable angle. New solution with side gate lets you easily put the tool in without looking at the holder
  • Features a hard wearing, leather-lined interior that will protect pouch form years of wear and tear from screws, nails and sharp fixings
  • Versatile tool loop made of leather. Perfect for hanging big, heavy tools ~Knife slot made from real leather holds any common utility knives so it is always handy when needed
  • Universal tool loop holds your bigger tools snugly so it is always handy
  • Easy to adjust, comfortable nylon belt with 50mm polyproylene quick release buckle
  • Screwdriver holders made from real leather provide convenient storage
  • Measuring tape clip holds aany common builder's tape measure from 3-10 metres


Height: 290mm
Length: 640mm
Volume: 6.00L
Weight: 1.40kg
Width: 170mm
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