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Established in Australia in 1994, A.K. Reels spread worldwide, and its tools are now used in 13 countries for a variety of purposes. Its offer currently includes everything from domestic water and industrial safety reels to industrial gas reels. For housewives taking care of their gardens, A.K. Easy hoses... more are, as their name suggests, easy to use and store when you’re finished with them. At Gasweld Tool Centre, you can also find hot or cold wash industrial reels for washing your car, or solutions for bigger endeavours, like cleaning factory floors quickly at the end of a work day. Here you can also find safety hoses, like the Breathing hose that supplies you with fresh air when you need it. Additionally, the A.K. Reels tool offer includes the Safety Barrier Reel, which is used to keep people away from restricted areas. To make a purchase, you can contact Gasweld Tool Centre via e-mail and order the product you’re interested in. Most products in our offer come with a two year warranty. less