Husqvarna Construction (Dimas)

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Husqvarna is a company with an incredible history who have been making quality products for hundreds of years. This means that Husqvarna Dimas tools all carry those hundreds of years of manufacturing experience behind them and that contributes to how well-respected they are within the industry. Gasweld is... more proud to partner with Husqvarna to be able to bring you a selection of Husqvarna Dimas tools, including brick saws, drills, chainsaws, vacuum cleaners, power cutters, rescue cutters, ring cutters, water pumps and drill motors. Having experienced workmen using tools designed with years of experience behind them is great way to ensure successful jobs. So place your order with us today for your Husqvarna Dimas tools, we’ll give you a great price on the tool and even throw free shipping in on top of that. less