Carbon Dioxide

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Used in variety of industries, from food and beverage, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment to welding and metal fabrication, carbon dioxide represents one of the most widely spread gases. Here at Speed Gas, Australia’s one stop shop for all your gas and equipment product supplies, we understand the... more importance of carbon dioxide and strive to provide you with only premium one. Even though we started small, throughout the course of 20 years we managed to become leading industry professionals. What sets Speed Gas apart from its competitors is its unsurpassed customer service, unmatched product quality and unbelievably low prices. Our team of industry professionals is always at your disposal for any additional questions or advice you might require. From a small retailer selling helium gas to several shops, promotional companies, corporate customers and retail outlets, Sped Gas managed to reach the very top of the industry. Today we export gases and other equipment products to our loyal customers internationally at highly competitive prices. Browse our offer today and do not miss out on an amazing deal! less