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Established in 1989, Torchmaster Australia has rapidly grown into one of the most prominent Australian welding wholesalers. With decades of rich experience under its belt, Torchmaster is proud to present a wide range of respectable welding brands and premium quality equipment and accessories that can be found... more in its numerous offices and warehouses in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Now one of the most trusted welding wholesalers, Torchmaster Australia relies on a team of experienced professionals, exceptional customer service and the highest quality and safety standards. What sets Torchmaster Australia tools apart from similar welding equipment is their durability, reliability and their reasonable price. Available in 19 cities across Australia or online, Gasweld Tool Centre makes respected and innovative welding brands embraced by Torchmaster Australia available to both professionals and individual workers. Here at Gasweld Tool Centre, we offer a wide range of Torchmaster Australia tools, including MIG and TIG machines, spot welding machinery, arcs, gas control kits and gas bottle restraints. less