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  1. Available Now! The NEW world’s first Cordless 235mm Circular Saw.

    Makita have released the world’s first cordless 235mm circular saw in the DHS901Z, combining battery innovation and massive cutting capacity.

    The DHS901Z is perfectly suited for a wide range of trades requiring a large cut capacity circular saw with the freedom of cordless useability. Utilising battery power from two 18V lithium-Ion batteries, this battery system can handle applications such as cutting sheet and LVL timbers, traditionally handled by a corded saw. This is demonstrated by the 4500rpm no load speed motor, and the Automatic Torque Drive which automatically adjusts speed & torque for optimal cutting.

    Other features include, an electric brake, twin LED job light, large bevel capacity -1 degree left and 60 degrees right, and AWS (Auto-start Wireless System) on demand dust extraction via Bluetooth connection.


    The DHS901Z from Makita is now available to order. Shop here!

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  2. Replacement Carbon Brushes for Power Tools

    Carbon Brush replacement is something that is inevitable with any quality power tool as they typically operate with universal motors that utilise carbon brushes to direct current through the armature. This design of motor has been around for a long time which is reliable cost effective to manufacture but has a consumable component being the carbon brushes.

    These are a relatively simple item to replace with most tools having quick access brush caps that can be unscrewed to release the worn brushes and insert the replacement carbon brushes.

    The term universal motor dose not cover the carbon brushes almost every tool has a different type of brush dependent on how the tool was designed. Fortunately Gasweld with years of experience selling and supporting trades people who use power tools to make their living. This being said Gasweld not only carries an extensive range of carbon

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  3. NEW! Milwaukee Power Torque Wrench With ONE-KEY™ 1/2" + 3/8"

    Available now at Gasweld!

    The MILWAUKEE® M12 FUEL™ Digital Torque Wrench w/ ONE-KEY™ is the industry's first torque wrench with a motor, delivering increased productivity, precise torque accuracy, and user demanded reporting functionality. The torque wrench delivers 50% faster installation time, replacing the hand tool or two tool installation process and providing more control to reduce the over torqueing of fasteners. The digital torque wrench provides 10-100ft-lbs of torque range and accuracy within 2% for torque critical fasteners.

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  4. Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ Smart Tool Solutions


    Track, Manage and Control your Tools!

    Tools are essential (and costly) assets to your business. One Key Allows complete control of these assets with use of a Free App on your Mobile or Computer! Get into Gasweld and see the range on offer!



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  5. New Toolex Multipurpose Vice

    New Toolex Multipurpose Vice

    A new 4"/100mm Multipurpose Vice has just been released by Toolex, manufactured with SG iron material.

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  6. Hello world!

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  7. Makita Drywall Sander Built for Trade Users

    Makita Australia have released their new 18V Brushless AWS 225mm Drywall Sander (DSL800ZU) specifically for the tradesman in mind.

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  8. Milwaukee’s New Heated Jackets Now Available

    With Winter well and truly upon us, Milwaukee have launched their all new M12™ heated jacket range which are perfect for tough conditions.

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  9. Self-Shielded v Gas-Shielded Flux Cored Wire

    Whether it’s choosing a Solid Wire for MIG Welding or Wire for Flux-Cored Welding, there are many elements which should be considered before selecting a material.

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  10. Plasma Cutting v Oxy-Cutting

    While Plasma Cutting has become more prevalent in recent times due to its precision and cut quality, traditional Oxy-Cutting still has a place for various applications.

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