Karcher is a true bastion of German production. Their brand is built provide reliable, efficient cleaning products that are useful for both commercial and home use. Karcher tools are sure to restore any surface to a spotless state. Gasweld stocks many different Karcher tools, including hoses, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, shampoos, surface cleaners, dirt blasters, degreasers, trigger guns and a lot more. Karcher specialises in building these cleaning products, you can rest assured they are all quality tested and designed to get their specific task accomplished. If you're looking to get the best price available online, order your Karcher tools with us here today. You won’t regret your choice, and we even have free shipping options if you need the pot to be sweetened any further

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  1. Karcher 1.150-914.0 Pressure Washer Electric 3.1kw
    Pressure Washer Electric 3.1kw 2175PSI HD 6/15 CX Plus 9.3 l/min 15m Hose
    SKU: 1.150-914.0
  2. Karcher 1.524-907.0 Pressure Washer Electric 3.4kw
    Pressure Washer Electric 3.4kw 2175PSI HD 6/15-4 M Easy Force 10 l/min 10m Hose
    SKU: 1.524-907.0
  3. Karcher 1.324-107.0 Pressure Washer Electric 1.9kw
    Pressure Washer Electric 1.9kw 1900PSI K4 Premium 7 l/min 9m Hose
    SKU: 1.324-107.0
  4. Karcher 1.601-829.0 Pressure Washer Electric 1.7kw
    Pressure Washer Electric 1.7kw 1740PSI K3 Deck 6.3 l/min 8m Hose
    SKU: 1.601-829.0
  5. Karcher 1.064-906.0 Pressure Washer Hot Water 2.2
    Pressure Washer Hot Water 2.2 kw 1595PSI HDS 5/11 U 7.5 l/min 10m Hose 80 C Max
    SKU: 1.064-906.0
  6. Karcher 1.194-801.0 Pressure Washer Petrol 13HP
    Pressure Washer Petrol 13HP 4000PSI Honda GX390 13.5 l/min 15m Hose G 4000 OH
    SKU: 1.194-801.0
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