The story of Plumb tools begins in 1869, when Fayette R. Plumb and his partner Jonathan Yerkes, established a hammer manufacturing company operating in Pennsylvania. Committing itself to setting the world’s highest manufacturing standards, the company soon achieved an immense success and expanded to Philadelphia, under the “Yerkes & Plumb” name. From 1888, the company has been operating under the name of “Plumb” and it is now a registered brand of the Apex Tool Group, one of the most prominent suppliers of hand and power tools. Priding itself in its spotless history and enviable expertise of over 125 years, Plumb is recognised as a market leader in manufacturing hand tools, including hatchets, axes, hammers, bricklayers tools, mallets and wrecking bars. Today, Plumb tools are crafted in accordance with the highest internationally accepted safety standards, becoming synonymous with premium quality, breakthrough technology and maximum durability. Gasweld Tool Centre, Australia’s premium machinery and tool retailer, provides you with a wide range of Plumb tools that will be your reliable partner for years to come

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  1. Plumb PCST4 Chisel Wood Set Tang Thru
    Chisel Wood Set Tang Thru 4Pc
    SKU: PCST4
  2. Plumb SS20C Hammer Claw 20oz (570g) Solid
    Hammer Claw 20oz (570g) Solid Steel Handle with Anti- Vibration Technology
    SKU: SS20C
  3. Plumb SS20CN Hammer Claw 20oz (565g)
    Hammer Claw 20oz (565g) 13.8" Steel Anti-Shock Handle Magnetic Nail Start
    SKU: SS20CN
  4. Plumb 11400N Hammer Claw 20oz (570g)
    Hammer Claw 20oz (570g) Fibreglass Handle Contoured & Enlarged Base
    SKU: 11400N
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