Founding of the Yamaha Motor Company in 1955 was driven by the same spirit of daring innovation that will continue to distinguish the company from its competitors until this very day. It was established by Genichi Kawakami, who was at the time the president of Nippon Gakki (presently Yamaha Corporation), an electronics and musical instruments company. The first product of the newly founded company, the Yamaha YA-1 motorcycle, was a huge success and set the standard for the level of excellence that the customers will learn to expect of Yamaha Motor Company. Their development of the Autolube System revolutionised the industry and cemented the company as one of the foremost innovators in the market. Today, they are one of the globally acclaimed motorcycle, scooters, race kart engines, snowmobiles, boats and marine products manufacturers, while most mechanics will swear by Yamaha Motor Company tools. Gasweld Tool Centre is proud to be one of Yamaha’s Australia focused distributors, providing you with a range of high quality Yamaha tools and equipment

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  1. Yamaha EF2400IS Generator Inverter EF2400is
    Generator Inverter EF2400is
    SKU: EF2400IS
  2. Yamaha EF2800IS Generator Inverter 2800 Watt
    Generator Inverter 2800 Watt Yamaha 60/70Dba Ef2800I
    SKU: EF2800I
  3. Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Inverter 2000W
    Generator Inverter 2000W Silent Yamaha 61 Dba Ef2000Is
    SKU: EF2000IS
  4. Yamaha EF3000ISE Generator Inverter 3000 Watt
    Generator Inverter 3000 Watt Yamaha Silent 51 57Dba Ef3000Ise
    SKU: EF3000ISE
  5. Yamaha EF1000IS Generator Inverter 1000 Watt
    Generator Inverter 1000 Watt Yamaha 47/57Dba Ef1000Is
    SKU: EF1000IS
  6. Yamaha ACC-GNCVR-24-00 Generator Cover suit EF2400IS
    Generator Cover suit EF2400IS EF2800I
    SKU: ACC-GNCVR-24-00
  7. 7Cf-Y2510-00  Generator Ef2100I 4 Wheel Kit
    7Cf-Y2510-00 Generator Ef2100I 4 Wheel Kit
    SKU: 7CF-Y2510-00-YAM
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