The story of the Crescent Tool Company begins in the USA in 1907, when its founder Karl Peterson designed the first adjustable wrench and slip-joint pliers that soon became an essential tool in everyone’s toolbox. Today, Crescent prides itself in being a registered brand of the Apex Tool Group, one of the most prominent suppliers of hand and power tools. What often makes Crescent tools the first choice among millions of professionals and DIY project enthusiasts is the company’s commitment to keeping the pace with the latest manufacturing technology and yet preserving the original, one-of-a-kind formula. Dedicating itself to meeting all the needs of a contemporary user, Crescent has designed a wide array of lighter, safer and more durable tools, from clamps, mechanics tool sets, multipurpose tools, screwdrivers and nut drivers to pry bars, ratchets and drive tools, sockets, wrenches and tool storage. Under its “Selling tools, not toys” motto, Gasweld Tool Centre, Australia’s one stop shop for all your tool and machinery supply needs, makes dozens of powerful and innovative Crescent tools available to you at affordable prices.

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  1. Crescent CRLE9HD Holesaw Electricians Set 21Pc
    Holesaw Electricians Set 21Pc Heavy Duty Quick Change
    SKU: Heavy Duty Quick Change
  2. Crescent NMG4 Cutting Blade Metal 4
    Cutting Blade Metal 4" 100mm Suit Grinder
    SKU: Suit Grinder
  3. Crescent NMG45 Cutting Blade Metal 4.5
    Cutting Blade Metal 4.5" 115mm Suit Grinder
    SKU: Suit Grinder
  4. Crescent CVS600V Voltage Tester 12V-600V
    Voltage Tester 12V-600V
    SKU: CVS600V
  5. Crescent NGGS10 Glue Sticks 10Pc
    Glue Sticks 10Pc
    SKU: NGGS10
  6. Crescent NWB2324 Cutting Blade Wood 24T 235mm
    Cutting Blade Wood 24T 235mm Suit Circular Saw
    SKU: Suit Circular Saw
  7. Crescent CRLPD Holesaw Drill Bit Replacement
    Holesaw Drill Bit Replacement Suit Light CRLA152/ CRLHD200
    SKU: Suit Light CRLA152/
  8. Crescent CTB32P Storage Tool Bag 32 Pocket
    Storage Tool Bag 32 Pocket
    SKU: CTB32P
  9. Apex HTS-2-AU Bit 1-4 Square Drive Insert
    Bit 1/4 Square Drive Insert Hi-Torq #2x25 1Pc
    SKU: HTS-2-AU
  10. Apex EX-377-3-AU Bit Extension 76mm 1Pc
    Bit Extension 76mm 1Pc 1/2 Square Drive Female - 3/8 Square Male
    SKU: EX-377-3-AU
  11. Apex EX-250-6-AU Bit Extension 152mm 5Pc
    Bit Extension 152mm 5Pc 1/4 Hex Drive Male - 1/4 Square Male
    SKU: EX-250-6-AU
  12. Crescent CHKLMBALL13 Hex Key Set Long Ball MET 13Pc
    Hex Key Set Long Ball MET 13Pc
  13. Crescent CCW9 Wrench Combination SAE 3-4
    Wrench Combination SAE 3/4
    SKU: CCW9
  14. Crescent 4800CHVN Plier Universal 1000V 8
    Plier Universal 1000V 8" 200mm Scissor Action
    SKU: 4800CHVN
  15. Crescent C10SVN Plier Locking Straight 10
    Plier Locking Straight 10" 250mm
    SKU: C10SVN
  16. Crescent CLP3SETN Plier Locking Set Curved Jaw
    Plier Locking Set Curved Jaw 3Pc
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