The story of DyMark begins in Adelaide in 1961, when it was founded as a small-scale company specialised in manufacturing printing, coding and stencilling inks, as well as aerosol marking paints for government departments and councils. Committing itself to customer proximity, DyMark today operates in a widespread network of sales offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities across Australia, employing a team of more than 100 experts. With its flawless history of over 50 years, DyMark Australia has become a market leader in manufacturing and distributing specialised marking paints and coatings in the field of forestry, construction, mining, agriculture, commercial, transport and defence. Driven by the company’s core principles of utmost reliability and the highest safety, all DyMark products, including marking aerosol/bulk paints, inks and dyes, industrial markers and stencilling products, protective and decorative coatings and cleaners go through rigorous tests and trials before they finally hit the market. As one of its largest representatives, Gasweld Tool Centre, Australia’s top tool shop, provides you with a wide range of DyMark tools that will be your reliable partner for years to come.

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  1. DyMark 12020311 Lumber Crayon Leviathan #3 Whi
    Lumber Crayon Leviathan #3 Whi 12020311
    SKU: 12020311
  2. DyMark 11040610 Replacement Tip 6mm
    Replacement Tip 6mm 11040610
    SKU: 11040610
  3. DyMark 35SO12 Strapping Tool Snap On Seal
    Strapping Tool Snap On Seal 12mm (Box 1000)
    SKU: 35SO12
  4. DyMark 42034003 Heavy Duty Degreaser
    Heavy Duty Degreaser
    SKU: 42034003
  5. DyMark 11040412 Ball Marker Pen 4mm Tip
    Ball Marker Pen 4mm Tip
    SKU: 11040412
  6. DyMark 34800300 Thermal Markall 149 Degree Pen
    Thermal Markall 149 Degree Pen
    SKU: 34800300
  7. DyMark 34800388 Thermal Markall 198 Degree Pen
    Thermal Markall 198 Degree Pen
    SKU: 34800388
  8. DyMark 3518C315 Steel Strapping Crimper LD
    Steel Strapping Crimper LD
    SKU: 3518C315
  9. DyMark 3518C319 Strapping Tool Crimper 19mm
    Strapping Tool Crimper 19mm Steel Light Duty 3518C319 630106
    SKU: 3518C319
  10. DyMark 12730105 Paint Pen Yellow
    Paint Pen Yellow
    SKU: 12730105
  11. DyMark 12020303 Lumber Crayon Leviathan #3 Blu
    Lumber Crayon Leviathan #3 Blu Each 12020303
    SKU: 12020303
  12. DyMark 12020304 Lumber Crayon Leviathan #3 Gre
    Lumber Crayon Leviathan #3 Gre 12020304
    SKU: 12020304
  13. DyMark 35SO19 Strapping Tool Snap On Seal
    Strapping Tool Snap On Seal 19mm (Box 1000)
    SKU: 35SO19
  14. DyMark 19013504 Flawchek Crack Step 4
    Flawchek Crack Step 4 Developer
    SKU: 19013504
  15. DyMark 19013501 Flawchek Crack Step 1
    Flawchek Crack Step 1 Preclean
    SKU: 19013501
  16. DyMark 12730102 Paint Pen Red
    Paint Pen Red
    SKU: 12730102
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