The story of Inox tools, a wide range of supreme lubricants, begins in 1987, when they were first released onto the Australian market by Candan Industries, one of the greatest manufacturers and suppliers of globally recognised lubricants. Driven by the core principles of premium quality and utmost reliability, Candan Industries’ team of experts decided to create Inox lubricants, which would be powerful enough to continue the company’s spotless reputation. Under its slogan “Aussie Made, Aussie Owned,” Inox is dedicated to sourcing Australian and locally-made materials in order to encourage Australian companies to offer their products at highly competitive prices. Adhering to the highest environmental and safety standards, all Inox tools, from the MX2 Battery Conditioner, the MX8 Extreme Pressure Grease to the MX11 Chain & Brake Cleaner are all tested and tried before they finally hit the market. Specialising in “selling tools, not toys,” Gasweld Tool Centre offers dozens of Inox tools that are perfect for both small, domestic jobs and industrial requirements.

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  1. Inox MX3-300 Inox 300Gm Spray Can
    Inox 300Gm Spray Can
    SKU: MX3-300
  2. Inox MX4-300 Lanox 300 Gm Spray Can
    Lanox 300 Gm Spray Can
    SKU: MX4-300
  3. Inox MX3-5 Inox  5 Litre Drum
    Inox 5 Litre Drum
    SKU: MX3-5
  4. Inox MX3-20 Inox 20 Litre Drum
    Inox 20 Litre Drum
    SKU: MX3-20
  5. Inox MX4-5 Lanox  5 Litre Drum
    Lanox 5 Litre Drum
    SKU: MX4-5
  6. Inox MX4-20 Lanox 20 Litre Drum
    Lanox 20 Litre Drum
    SKU: MX4-20
  7. Inox Spray Bottle Mx3-A
    Inox Spray Bottle Mx3-A
    SKU: MX3-A
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