Since its establishment in 1946, M.T.I. Qualos has become world-famous for its ability to source state-of the-art precision measuring instruments and machine tool accessories. Today, M.T.I. Qualos operates globally, and provides a wide range of top-quality products. This high-performing brand prides itself in its innovative design that meets the needs of every present-day professional. Over the years, it has joined forces with a large number of leading European machine tool accessory specialists, establishing a successful international distribution network. Its constant growth and work on innovative design meets the ever-changing demands of doing business today. In Australia, M.T.I. Qualos tools can be found at Gasweld Tool Centre, which also supports online orders. Located in 19 Australian cities, Gasweld Tool Centre provides access to M.T.I. Qualos tools, including Mitutoyo Measuring Equipment, Machine Tools and Accessories, as well as See-Thru Doors.

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  1. MTI Qualos 513-404T Dial Test Indicator
    Dial Test Indicator
    SKU: 513-404T
  2. MTI Qualos 129-111 Depth Micrometer A
    Depth Micrometer A
    SKU: 129-111
  3. MTI Qualos 147-106 Can Seam Micrometer B
    Can Seam Micrometer B
    SKU: 147-106
  4. MTI Qualos 500-752-20 Digital Caliper 150mm Coolant
    Digital Caliper 150mm Coolant Proof
    SKU: 500-752-20
  5. MTI Qualos 500-753-20 Vernier Calipers 8
    Vernier Calipers 8" 200mm Coolant Resistant
    SKU: 500-753-20
  6. MTI Qualos 141-101 Micrometer 25 to 50mm
    Micrometer 25 to 50mm Inside
    SKU: 141-101
  7. MTI Qualos 129-109 Depth Micrometer A
    Depth Micrometer A
    SKU: 129-109
  8. 200mm Mitutoyo Vernier
    200mm Mitutoyo Vernier
    SKU: 500-753-10
  9. MTI Qualos 500-196-30 Caliper Digimatic Absolute
    Caliper Digimatic Absolute 500 Series 150mm Metric/ AF
    SKU: 500-196-30
  10. MTI Qualos 530-312 Caliper Vernier 150mm-6
    Caliper Vernier 150mm/6"
    SKU: 530-312
  11. MTI Qualos 530-335 Vernier Caliper
    Vernier Caliper
    SKU: 530-335
  12. MTI Qualos 950-318 Mitutoyo Pro 3600 Protractor
    Mitutoyo Pro 3600 Protractor
    SKU: 950-318
  13. MTI Qualos 103-137 Outside Micrometer 0-25mm
    Outside Micrometers 0-25mm
    SKU: 103-137
  14. MTI Qualos 141-205 Inside Micrometer 50-200mm
    Inside Micrometer 50-200mm Mitutoyo
    SKU: 141-205
  15. MTI Qualos 293-340-30
    SKU: 293-340-30
  16. MTI Qualos 531-128 Vernier Caliper 6
    Vernier Calipers 0-150mm
    SKU: 531-128
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