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OX International is a company that has recently celebrated 40 years of manufacturing high performance tools. Even though it was born in Australia, OX International is recognised as a reliable, durable and dynamic partner all over the world. OX International raised the benchmark for tool performance with its advanced design and quality carpentry, bricklaying, concreting, rendering and plastering tools, as well as power and safety gear. Ox International is famous for its toughness and innovation, and a team of professionals that ensures that every product exceeds standards. Its tools are made from the finest diamond and steel, and it uses state-of-the-art laser technology for ultimate performance and safety. You can find Ox International tools at Gasweld Tool Centre, Australia’s premium tool shop, at affordable prices, both offline and online. Here at Gasweld Tool Centre, you can purchase a wide range of carpentry, rendering, concreting and power tools, as well as safety gear, and electric and petrol machinery.

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  1. OX International OX-12MPSS Diamond Blade 305mm Segmented
    Diamond Blade 305mm Segmented Turbo Professional MPSS
    SKU: Turbo Professional MPSS
  2. OX International OX-UCT-5 Diamond Blade 125mm Continuou
    Diamond Blade 125mm Continuou Rim Ultimate UCT Barracuda
    SKU: Rim Ultimate UCT Barracuda
  3. OX International OX-07MPS Diamond Blade Steel 180mm
    Diamond Blade Steel 180mm Cuts Steel Wet/Dry Suit Wall Chaser
    SKU: Cuts Steel Wet/Dry
  4. OX International OX-UCT-7 Diamond Blade 180mm Continuou
    Diamond Blade 180mm Continuou Rim Ultimate UCT Barracuda
    SKU: Rim Ultimate UCT Barracuda
  5. OX International OX-T240300 Kneeling Pads
    Kneeling Pads
    SKU: OX-T240300
  6. OX International OX-UCT-8 Barracuda Blade 200mm
    Barracuda Blade 200mm OX-UCT-8
    SKU: OX-UCT-8
  7. OX International OX-04MPS Diamond Blade Steel 105mm
    Diamond Blade Steel 105mm Cuts Steelwet/Dry
    SKU: Cuts Steelwet/Dry
  8. OX International OX-14MPSS Diamond Blade 350mm Segmented
    Diamond Blade 350mm Segmented Turbo Professional MPSS
    SKU: Turbo Professional MPSS
  9. OX International OX-09MPS Diamond Blade 230mm Segmented
    Diamond Blade 230mm Segmented Professional MPS Wet/Dry
    SKU: Professional MPS Wet/Dry
  10. OX International OX-05MPS Diamond Blade 125mm Turbo
    Diamond Blade 125mm Turbo Professional MPS
    SKU: Professional MPS
  11. OX International OX-16MPSS Diamond Blade 400mm Segmented
    Diamond Blade 400mm Segmented Superior Superfast
    SKU: Superior Superfast
  12. OX International OX-UA10-14 Blade Ultimate Asphalt
    Blade Ultimate Asphalt 350 x 25.4
    SKU: OX-UA10-14
  13. OX International OX-P011212 Brick Trowel Philadelphia
    Brick Trowel Philadelphia OX-P011212
    SKU: OX-P011212
  14. OX International OX-P200101 Axis Door Clamp
    Axis Door Clamp
    SKU: OX-P200101
  15. OX International OX-T280109 Shovel 1200mm x 250mm x 300mm
    Shovel 1200mm x 250mm x 300mm Square Mouth All Steel Handle D Grip Blue
    SKU: OX-T280109
  16. OX International OX-P015818 Pool Trowel
    Pool Trowel
    SKU: OX-P015818
  17. OX International OX-P170350 Brick Carrier
    Brick Carrier Now Ox-P170350
    SKU: OX-P170350
  18. OX International OX-P014665 Finishing Trowel 600mm
    Finishing Trowel 600mm
    SKU: OX-P014665
  19. OX International OX-P021630 Straight Edge 3000mm
    Straight Edge 3000mm OX-P021630
    SKU: OX-P021630
  20. OX International OX-P080522 Hammer Scrutch Double Ended
    Hammer Scrutch Double Ended 22oz (624g) Hickory Handle
    SKU: OX-P080522
  21. OX International OX-P080738 Hammer Scutch Comb 38mm
    Hammer Scutch Comb 38mm 4 Pack Carbon Steel
    SKU: OX-P080738
  22. OX International OX-P021415 Clamped Handle Screed 1500mm
    Clamped Handle Screed 1500mm Now Ox-P021415
    SKU: OX-P021415
  23. OX International OX-T102910 String Line Pink 100mt
    String Line Pink 100mt
    SKU: OX-T102910
  24. OX International OX-P030816 Spoon Jointer 13-16mm
    Spoon Jointer 13-16mm OX-P030816
    SKU: OX-P030816
  25. OX International OX-P080528 Hammer Scutch Single Sided
    Hammer Scutch Single Sided 28oz (794g) Hickory Handle
    SKU: OX-P080528
  26. OX International OX-P080204 Hammer Sledge 64oz (1.81kg)
    Hammer Sledge 64oz (1.81kg) Hickory Handle
    SKU: OX-P080204
  27. OX International OX-T091030 Wrecking Bar 30
    Wrecking Bar 30" (760mm) Goosneck Hex Shank
    SKU: OX-T091030
  28. OX International OX-P021624 Straight Edge 2400mm
    Straight Edge 2400mm OX-P021624
    SKU: OX-P021624
  29. OX International OX-P030813 Spoon Jointer 10-13mm
    Spoon Jointer 10-13mm OX-P030813
    SKU: OX-P030813
  30. OX International OX-P021318 OX Professional 1800mm Concret
    OX Professional 1800mm Concret
    SKU: OX-P021318
  31. OX International OX-P021636 Straight Edge 3600mm
    Straight Edge 3600mm Ox-P021636
    SKU: OX-P021636
  32. OX International OX-P400517 Float Magnesium Wide Blade
    Float Magnesium Wide Blade 90 x 400mm
    SKU: OX-P400517
  33. OX International OX-P021627 Straight Edge 2700mm
    Straight Edge 2700mm OX-P021627
    SKU: OX-P021627
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