For over 35 years, Powerall has been known as a specialist manufacturer of electronic control solutions for a wide range of applications. They have introduced their first product more than 15 years ago and have been working on its development and innovative design until today. Powerall currently employs a great number of working professionals who test each product to make sure that it meets or exceeds standards. Powerall products are also supported by a group of fully skilled mobile engineers in the UK and a network of authorised distributors in other regions. They pride themselves in their innovative product design, efficiency and quality that have been confirmed by different professionals’ experiences. They work with only the most reliable suppliers worldwide in order to deliver their products on time. Powerall tools are famed for their innovative solutions and the most popular products can be found at Gasweld Tool Centre stores across Australia, or in our online shop.

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  1. Powerall LC3500D-P Generator TL3.5 3.5KVA Recoil
    Generator TL3.5 3.5KVA Recoil Start 7HP Loncin Engine 3.1KW Max Output AVR 240V-50Hz, 18L
    Special Price $529.00 Regular Price $579.00
    SKU: LC3500D-P
  2. Powerall 1350IXG Inverter Generator 1.2KW Max
    Inverter Generator 1.2KW Max Power 1.1KW Cont Power With One 15amp Outlets & 12V 5A DC
    SKU: 1350IXG
  3. Powerall 3600IXG Inverter Generator 3.3KW Max
    Inverter Generator 3.3KW Max Power 3.1KW Cont Power With Two 15amp Outlets & 12V 8.3A D
    SKU: 3600IXG
  4. Powerall LC8000D-P Generator TL8E 8KVA Electric
    Generator TL8E 8KVA Electric Start 15HP Loncin Engine 6.5KW Maximum Output AVR 240V-50Hz
    SKU: LC8000D-P
  5. Powerall 7000IXG Inverter Generator 6.5KW Max
    Inverter Generator 6.5KW Max Power 6.0KW Cont Power With Two 15amp Outlets & 12V 8.3A D
    SKU: 7000IXG
  6. Powerall LC6500D-P Generator TL6.5E 6.5KVA Electr
    Generator TL6.5E 6.5KVA Electr Start 13HP Loncin Engine 5.5KW Maximum Output AVR 240V-50Hz
    SKU: LC6500D-P
  7. Powerall 2200IXG Inverter Generator 2.2KW Max
    Inverter Generator 2.2KW Max Power 2.0KW Cont Power With Single 15amp Outlet & Parallel
    SKU: 2200IXG
  8. Powerall LC2500J Generator TL2.5 2.5KVA Recoil
    Generator TL2.5 2.5KVA Recoil Start 6.5HP Loncin Engine 2.2 Kw Output AVR 240V-50HZ, 10 L
    SKU: LC2500J
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