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Being one of only two companies in the world that manufacture traditional rawhide mallets and hammers from buffalo hide, Thor Hammers is the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality hammers and mallets. Made according to high-quality standards out of a wide range of materials, including aluminium, copper, hardwood, rubber and plastic, Thor Hammer tools represent a long lasting investment. Thor Hammers is the first choice among professionals, but also individuals who are doing work around the home. The company’s philosophy is to apply extreme focus to everything, from the manufacturing process and the supply chain, to service of the highest quality. This has enabled it to establish long-term relationships with several major distributors worldwide. One of them is Australia’s own Gasweld Tool Centre, which is proud to provide access to a broad selection of Thor Hammer tools for shoppers all around the globe, enabling professionals to find high quality equipment for their needs.

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  1. Thor 508938 Hammer Copper Face 48oz
    Hammer Copper Face 48oz (1.36kg) 12" Hickory Handle
    SKU: TH312
  2. Thor 508926 Hammer Dual Purpose 56oz
    Hammer Dual Purpose 56oz (1.60kg) 12" Hickory Handle
    SKU: TH214
  3. Thor 508936 Hammer Copper Face 32oz (900g)
    Hammer Copper Face 32oz (900g) 10" Hickory Handle
    SKU: TH310
  4. Thor 508946 Hammer Nylon 8oz (230g)
    Hammer Nylon 8oz (230g) Hardwood Handle
    SKU: TH31708R
  5. Thor 508968 Hammer Copper Face 32oz (900g)
    Hammer Copper Face 32oz (900g) 12" Plastic Handle
    SKU: TH704
  6. Thor 509009 Hammer Mallet 42oz (1.2kg)
    Hammer Mallet 42oz (1.2kg) Timber Handle
    SKU: TH957
  7. Thor 511524 Hammer Replacement 63mm
    Hammer Replacement 63mm White Nylon Face
    SKU: TH720NF
  8. Thor 511527 Hammer Replacement 32mm
    Hammer Replacement 32mm White Nylon Face
    SKU: TH710NF
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