Established in the United States back in 1945 as a family-owned business, the Weller Manufacturing Company has gradually become one of the leading brands in the soldering industry. As a registered brand of the Apex Tool group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in professional hand and power tools, Weller is determined to find innovative solutions that will improve the everyday lives of its customers all around the world. Weller has been constantly pushing boundaries for over 70 years, aiming to merge its global expertise with highly efficient localised services. What sets Weller tools apart from similar products, is the company’s commitment to acting in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards, using premium quality materials and providing its customers with a wide range of powerful, cutting-edge products. Here at Gasweld Tool Centre, Australia’s top tool shop, we are proud to showcase a wide range of Weller tools and accessories, from soldering, filtration, rework and dispensing tools to heat guns and electric screwdrivers

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  1. Weller BP865MPA Soldering Iron 2 Heat
    Soldering Iron 2 Heat Battery operated
    SKU: BP865MPA
  2. Weller T0053298599 WE1010 Soldering Station 230V
    WE1010 Soldering Station 230V
    SKU: T0053298599
  3. Weller PTH7 Screwdriver Solder Tip
    Screwdriver Solder Tip
    SKU: PTH7
  4. Weller P1KC P-1Kc Cordless Butane Kit Card
    P-1Kc Cordless Butane Kit Card
    SKU: P1KC
  5. Weller WESD51DAU Soldering Station 230V
    Soldering Station 230V
  6. Weller PH12100 WELLER STAND FOR W100D
    SKU: PH12100
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