Established in 1847 by cutter John Wiss as a tiny shop forging surgical instruments and shears, Wiss has grown into an international leader in the production of scissors, snips and specialty trade tools. Driven by the simple principles of precision and reliability, Wiss tools have become a favourite brand of both professionals and hobbyists. Today, Wiss is owned by the Apex Tool Group, one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of professional hand and power tools. With more than a century of experience, acting in accordance with the highest safety standards and mastering innovative techniques in production, Wiss tools have become synonymous with reliable, durable, innovative and lightweight products that are adapted to all the demands of a contemporary user. Here at Gasweld Tool Centre, Australia’s top tool shop, we are proud to provide a wide range of high-performance Wiss tools, from snips, scissors and shears, electrical and plumbing tools and service parts, to utility knives and blades.

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  1. Wiss W10TM Shop Shears 10
    Shop Shears 10" Full Metal Body
    SKU: W10TM
  2. Wiss WKAR2 Safety Knife Utility Auto
    Safety Knife Utility Auto Retracting
    SKU: WKAR2
  3. Wiss WKF2 Knife Utility Quick Change
    Knife Utility Quick Change Folding
    SKU: WKF2
  4. Wiss NT3QC12 Knife Trimming Rubber Grip
    Knife Trimming Rubber Grip
    SKU: NT3QC12
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